Opportunities for BIM for Masonry Contracting Webinar


Opportunities for BIM for Masonry Contracting Webinar

We invite all of our stakeholders, but especially mason contractors, to attend this webinar. Contractor input is essential to the future success of BIM-M.

BIM-M has focused on a wide range of needs, from owners, to architects, to masonry suppliers. The current BIM-M Benchmark Project is focused on mason contractors and construction workflows. We will use a case study of a multi-story building project that includes interior concrete masonry walls and a complex brick veneer on metal stud backup with custom cast-stone accents to discuss:

1. Establishment and documentation of mason contractor workflows that can take advantage of BIM.  

2. BIM for the communication and clarification of masonry project requirements, with examples from cast stone shop drawings and CMU control joint placement.  

3. Dimensional assessment of building frames and opportunities for BIM.  

4. Masonry supply chains and opportunities for BIM.

This webinar will provide observations in each of these areas – taken from case studies, and will ask for contractor comments and feedback.

Please attend this most important webinar for mason contractors. Click here.


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