November 2009: Making the Grade


Making the Grade

Father and Son

david rader

When Nate enrolled, I worried about the dynamics of the class and whether it would affect how I taught,” says masonry instructor David Rader. “As it turned out, Nathan has made me both a proud instructor and a proud father. I’m glad he enrolled in my class.”

David Rader has been the masonry instructor at Pioneer Career and Technical Center in Shelby, Ohio, since 1981 and has sponsored 12 students, including four medalists, in the annual national masonry contest sponsored by SkillsUSA.

Rader, the son and student, earned his father’s praise and respect as well as that of his fellow students. He earned the class work ethic award and the performance award.

david radef

As a high school wrestler, with his father serving as assistant coach, Rader was twice voted team captain, voted “MVP” in his senior season, and led the team with the most take-downs. In the school’s SkillsUSA program, Rader was a national voting delegate during his junior year and assisted his successor delegate at the national meeting this summer.

Rader’s volunteer work includes working with his church group to lay the foundation of a house sponsored by Habitat for Humanity.

As the Ohio state winner, Rader won the second place medal in the secondary schools category at the 45th annual national masonry contest. The annual competition was held in conjunction with the SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo., June 24 – 27, 2009. The six-hour contest was held at the H. Roe Bartle Convention Center.

Rader is currently enrolled in the construction engineering technology program at Toledo University.

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