Nontoxic, Green Method of Deterring Pest Birds


Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Mission Viejo, Calif.

Nontoxic, Green Method of Deterring Pest BirdsBird-B-Gone Inc.’s Bird-OFF Clear Gel is made from all-natural, environmentally safe ingredients and is safe for humans, birds and animals. The gel is the original bio repellent gel created as an efficient and economical means of deterring pest birds. Birds have a natural distaste for sticky things, making Bird-OFF Clear Gel ideal for any surfaces birds may congregate or roost on, including pipes, HVAC units, conduits, I-beams and ledges. The gel is heat resistant, non-corrosive and easily applied with a caulking gun. Once in contact with Bird–OFF Clear Gel, birds are presented with a smell and texture they don’t like.