New Products

Hearing Protection for Loud Working Environments

150Flare Audio Ltd. Brighton, U.K. ISOLATE by Flare Audio Ltd. is a new, patent-pending ear protector for any professional who works in loud environments. While traditional earplugs rely on absorption to attenuate sound, ISOLATE protectors reflect sound away from the ears and therefore achieve much greater attenuation, as they do not accept sound into the…

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Two New Sizes of Sand’s Plumb Bobs

Kraft Tool Co. Shawnee, Kan. Kraft Tool Co. has introduced two new sizes to the product line of Sand’s plumb bobs. 12 oz. and 32 oz. plumb bobs are now available and will be included in Kraft Tool’s 2017 catalog. The new sizes will be joining Kraft Tool’s current plumb bob sizes of 8 oz.,…

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16-Inch Handheld Saw Kaddy

Convert your EDCO handheld saw into a walk-behind saw for instant versatility. One saw, two types of applications, and great for rental stores too. …

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New Makita Website Goes Live

Makita U.S.A., Inc. has launched an immersive online brand experience for users and dealers with the new The new website delivers more rich content and high-quality search, and is optimized for use on all screens.…

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