MCAA Now Accepting TEAM Awards Submissions


MCAA Now Accepting TEAM Awards Submissions

Project submission is available for the MCAA‘s Tribute to Exemplary Achievements in Masonry (TEAM) Awards. The purpose of the TEAM Awards is to give recognition to projects and members of the construction team for outstanding accomplishments in masonry design and construction.

Mason contractors realize that quality masonry projects are the result of strong creative vision and skilled execution. The purpose of the Tribute to Exemplary Achievements in Masonry (TEAM) Awards is to give recognition to these projects and members of the construction team for outstanding accomplishments in masonry design and construction.


All mason contractors or architects may submit a project. Masonry must be the dominant material used in the project. Any work completed and landscaped between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2013, is eligible to be entered. Projects under construction or not landscaped will be disqualified.

Any project that has previously received a TEAM Award cannot be resubmitted. Winners of local, state and regional competitions are encouraged to submit their award winning projects.


The entry fee is $150 for one project; $100 for each additional project; $75 to resubmit a project already submitted in previous years. Entry fees are nonrefundable. Each submission must include a completed entry form and shall contain the following information on a CD to be sent to the MCAA:

  • A minimum of four and maximum of twelve high resolution digital photos
  • All photos must be high resolution digital photos (300 dpi, at least 3600 x 2700 pixels)
  • Low resolution photos and hard copy photos will not be judged
  • Photos must be submitted as TIF or JPG files
  • Rehabilitation/Restoration projects must include at least two photos of the building prior to restoration
  • A typed description of the project in Word, not to exceed 500 words, including design goals, the primary details and features, advantages of using masonry, and unique or special circumstances faced in designing or building the project
  • A typed summary of the project in Word, not to exceed 100 words, highlighting the facts of the longer written description

Download the TEAM Awards Submission Form to enter your projects


Projects may only be entered into one category. If a project qualifies for more than one category, please select the category that best fits the project. Categories include:

  • Commercial
  • Education: K-8
  • Education: 9-12
  • Education: College/University
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Landscape/Hardscape
  • Rehabilitation/Restoration
  • Residential: Single Family
  • Residential: Multi Family
  • Block (projects must be at least 65% block)
  • Lighweight Block (projects must use lightweight CMU)
  • LEED (projects must be LEED certified)


Submissions must be received by April 30, 2014. Judging will take place June 3, 2014. Winners will be awarded at the TEAM Awards Program on September 10, 2014 at the MCAA Midyear Meeting in Milwaukee. Awards will be presented to the mason contractor, general contractor, architect, masonry supplier, and building owner.

* All dates are subject to change.


All projects are judged on the following criteria: Design, Craftsmanship, Percent of Visible Masonry, Overall Aesthetic Appeal, and Masonry Difficulty.

The jury panel consists of mason contractors selected from across the country who are not competing in the competition. The judges are selected by the MCAA TEAM Awards Committee with utmost care and the highest qualifications. Without exception, the decision of the judges will be final in all cases.

Past Winners

MCAA Vision Awards

Do you know a school district, university, community, or architect who has demonstrated outstanding use of masonry in their projects over the years? If so, nominate them to be considered for a Vision Award.

The Vision Awards celebrate school districts, universities, communities, and architects who have demonstrated outstanding use of masonry in their projects and incorporate masonry in their campuses, communities, and buildings.

Nominations can be submitted online at

Past Winners


If you have additional questions please visit or contact the Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.


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