May 2009: Full Contact Project Management


May 2009

Full Contact Project Management

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What’s Your Stimulus Plan?

There’s lots of buzz about “shovel-ready” projects out there – billions and billions of dollars going into the economy and infrastructure. No doubt, we’re all going to have a fabulous year, what with all of this new work! So, here’s the question: Are you buying it? Do you know where your extra piece from all of this is coming from?

Deep down, where do you think most of your help will come from over the next couple of years? I’m going to suggest that your help will come from the same place it always has: your hands! Your help is in your own hands. Your success will be local, and will come from your own efforts.

Sure, we’ll read in the newspaper about a couple of contractors who get a wheelbarrow full of money delivered right to their jobsites, but just a couple. They’ll make the news. For the rest of us, it’ll be business as usual, just a bit harder.

Coach Gary’s historical quote:“All politics are local.”
Coach Gary says:

“Take the initiative in 2009. Don’t wait for problems to come to you; head them off. Anticipate them. Deal with them.”

Coach Gary asks:

“Where’s this year’s revenue going to come from?”

This is the time to rally your troops. Remind them of their greatness. Never give a client reason to criticize your workmanship or your schedule. Take care of your long-term customers, but don’t let them run over you, either. Give them what they bought, and maybe a bit more. Just don’t get crazy. Remember that whatever you give away comes directly from your after-tax, bottom-line, end-of-the-year net profits.

We’ve been talking since the beginning of the year about goals and visions for 2009. So it’s fair for me to ask you how you’re doing. Are you where you thought you would be? You know, if you need to do a mid-course correction, April’s a pretty good month to start moving!

What’s the chance you’ll actually add profitable sales revenue to your company this year? With all the extra competition out there, maybe your chances for an increase are not too good. So let’s implement that plan we’ve been talking about all of these months, which is to maximize your job profits.

Here’s your three-step action plan:

  1. Take me up on what I said in this column last month, when I offered to Masonry readers a free report about using video camcorders on your projects to protect your profits.
  2. A couple of months back, we talked about the free, five-part report for Masonry readers on how to better manage your change orders by using RFIs the right way.
  3. Get some coaching from somebody who knows how to fight these battles. Get somebody who’s already been there to be a mentor and a coach.

Let’s resolve to stop doing business as usual. Heck, let’s resolve to keep our businesses! That help you need is in your own hands. Make 2009 worth remembering, and not your memorial.
Pursue greatness in your people, your company, your country, and yourself.

Coach Gary’s Corner:

Get the free report on using video to improve your bottom line. Go to, and click on the link. Find out how using an inexpensive camera the right way can make and save you thousands! The best athletes use coaches, and continue to use them, even after they become great. How about a process that’s pretty darned simple, but extremely effective? Masonry readers get this for free! Go to my Web site,, and click on the link near the top of the page.

Check out the other updates and info that will help your projects. Also, you can get Coach Gary’s book “Get Paid for a Change!” Go there now.

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