May 2013 Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Saws for Masons
No matter the task or function in question, the masonry saws industry has researched and developed the perfect saw for the job.

Anchoring Stone Veneers
When using stone as a veneer, engineering and design are critical factors in a successful building project.

Building Information Modeling-Masonry
A look at the BIM-M Roadmap, which will guide the initiative on a multi-year, multi-project venture

Rehabs/Restorations Case Studies
Three examples of masonry project rehabs and restorations highlight challenges and how they were met.
University of Maryland’s Shoemaker Hall


Tobacco Row, Lancaster Pa.

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    May 2013 Case Study: Rehabs and Restorations University of Maryland’s Shoemaker Hall Before In 2009, The University of Maryland maintenance team was faced with campuswide preservation issues. One building in particular, Shoemaker Hall, was in need of a full restoration. Built in 1932, Shoemaker Hall had fallen prey to general…
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    May 2013 Case Study: Rehabs and Restorations Tobacco Row Restoration Faced with the possibility of moving its deteriorating 230,000-square-foot tobacco curing and processing complex in 2009, the Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co. Inc. in Lancaster, Pa., embarked on an $11.5 million expansion and restoration project to modernize its operation and save…
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    May 2013 Connectors, Anchors and Fasteners Anchoring Stone Veneers By Paul Curtis Photo provided courtesy of International Masonry Institute Excavations throughout Europe have found stone used for shelter as far back as 12,000 B.C. Cast stone was used in France as far back as 1158 A.D. Today, stone remains one…
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    SOFTWARE AND TECHNOLOGY By David T. Biggs, PE, SE By all accounts, the BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) Initiative is moving at an ever-increasing pace. In April 2015, the first BIM-M Symposium brought together architects, structural engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, software vendors, construction managers, mason contractors and others. You should have been…
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    October 2015 Pavers, Thin Brick and Stone, and Thin Veneer By Steven Fechino Images courtesy of Spec Mix An adhered masonry veneer is a cost-effective way for a home owner or commercial property owner to keep the appearance of masonry in the façade, when budgets or design considerations don’t allow…
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Zachary Zuldema 1st Place (2nd Year) Winner Interview at the World of Concrete

Zachary Zuldema 1st Place (2nd Year) Winner Interview at the World of Concrete

Bill Dentinger 2015 Inductee MCAA Hall of Fame

Bill Dentinger 2015 Inductee MCAA Hall of Fame

John Smith, Jr.

John Smith, Jr. receives the 2015 MCAA C. DeWitt Brown Leadman Award

2015 MCAA Fastest Trowel On The Block Winner

2015 MCAA Fastest Trowel On The Block Winner

Daniel Furr 1st Place Winner

Daniel Furr 1st Place Winner (First Year), Masonry Skills Challenge

Synpro Products

Masonry Magazine Video News Interview: Michael Goyne

Hydro Mobile Inc

Interview with Kevin O'Shea of Hydro Mobile, Inc.

Interview with Mark Kemp – Chairman, MCAA

Interview with Masonry Contractors Association of America Chairman, Mark Kemp

Mortar Net Solutions

Interview with Steve Fechino from Mortar Net Solutions

Pullman Ermator

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Keene Building Products

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