May 2008 Table of Contents


Table of Contents

May 2008
Volume 47, Number 5


Masonry Cleaning: The Low Down on Clean Down
Masonry cleaning is the last step in the masonry building process. Cleaning is a task that creates an overall impression of your work. If the job is cleaned properly, then it is usually seen as a good job. Masonry looks at cleaning equipment and how to stay on top of equipment maintenance.

Concrete Block Trends
Masonry takes a look at the durability, maintenance, cost, efficiency, flexibility and safety of block. What does the market warrant today in the way of block, and what’s out there to meet those needs? We’ll examine this vibrant part of the masonry industry.

Consulting: Bringing in an Expert
The challenges of running one’s own company range from considerations on the jobsite to know-how in the “back office” of a business. Experts are available for every need mason contractors have, from understanding workers’ comp. insurance to choosing the best accounting or bookkeeping software. Learn to recognize when and where you need help.

For the Record
President’s Message
Making The Grade
New Products
MCAA Marketing Report
Legal Issues
Full Contact Project Management
Classified Advertising

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