Masonry Grout Pump


Masonry Grout Pump

Self-propelled pump for coarse aggregates features swing tube valve

Self-propelled pump for coarse aggregates features swing tube valve

Airplaco Equipment Company
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mason contractors can efficiently and cost effectively accomplish structural reinforcement and core filling requirements by using a masonry grout pump. The PumpMaster PG-30 is a masonry grout pump designed for grouting masonry block walls and hoisting mortar. Essentially, the PG-30 is a small, concrete pump with self-propelled movement. PumpMasters are the ideal machines for efficient core filling.

The PG-30 is self-propelled. The ability to drive the machine into position on the jobsite provides a major convenience for contractors. The AIRPLACO Hydraulic Drive Train is exclusive to the industry – it gives the pump a smooth self-propelled movement. Mason contractors can further benefit from the portability of the machine. Its compact size makes transport to and from the jobsite a breeze. These pumps can be transported on a trailer or in a typical pickup truck. The PG-30 includes forklift slots and lifting lugs to allow it to be moved or loaded with ease.

The PumpMaster PG-30 includes a four-inch swing tube material valve. Swing tubes are standard equipment for concrete pumps today and are able to handle large aggregates. The PG-30 can pump fine grouts with 3/8-inch pea gravel and coarse grouts with ¾-inch aggregates.

The PumpMaster features a 29-horsepower, gasoline powered engine with fuel injection and key start. The trademark “LONG LIFE” hard-chrome cylinders are built to last. This ensures that replacement cylinders are kept to a minimum. The compact PG-30 offers a large, four-inch heavy-duty material discharge, making it a truly one-of-a-kind masonry grout pump. The complete machine setup for masonry grout and mortar pumping includes reducers, clamps, material hose and masonry wall hook nozzle. Contractors often fill block without a wall hook by using the hose end. AIRPLACO two-inch, green-stripe grouting hose is made to withstand the harshest of jobsites.


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