April 2009: President’s Message


April 2009

President’s Message

Masonry Magazine

Are you a Contractor Member of the MCAA?

Are you a contractor member of the MCAA? If you are, you need to be applauded. Why? As one of our contractor members, you are in the unique position of being a small business owner. As a small business owner in the masonry industry, you are a contributor to the economy. You employ people, purchase products and contribute to the growth of the economy. Why is this important, and why are you unique? As a small business owner, some would say, “Wow, you’re rich. You have got it made. You can do whatever you want.”

It’s too bad that many politicians have this same viewpoint. We are the ones who work very hard at making sure we sell the work, and build it with qualified personnel on schedule and for a profit. We then collect the money for which we invoice, and repeat the same cycle over and over to maintain profitability. Through this whole process what else are we responsible for? Let’s look at the list: payroll, payroll taxes (state and federal), health care insurance, union benefits, pension funds, city business licenses, business property taxes, corporate taxes (state and federal), federal highway use tax, county business asset tax, fuel tax, contractor license fees, contractor license bond, general liability insurance, general liability umbrella insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, auto insurance, equipment insurance, etc., etc.

Have I missed anything? I am sure many of my fellow contractor members can add to this list. This is why, if you are a contractor member of MCAA, you should be applauded for all that you endure to insure your business is successful. The next time you watch the news and hear that politicians want to raise small business taxes, write to your representative. Cut this page out, and send it with your letter. Tell him that enough is enough. We don’t get bailed out. The buck stops with us. We either make it happen or go out of business. It’s about time that politicians realize that small business employs the majority of the workforce in this country. We need their support to lessen our burden, not add to it.

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