March 2008: Awards


March 2008


The New England Concrete Masonry Association’s Design Awards of Excellence

The New England Concrete Masonry Association’s Design Awards of Excellence is a program intended to reward architects and mason contractors for excellence in construction using concrete masonry. This program is a joint effort with National Concrete Masonry Association and, therefore, offers both a regional and a national level of exposure.

This year, there was one award, honoring Phil Barlow of TO Design LLC for the second consecutive year. The award ceremony took place at the annual NECMA Holiday Member meeting Dec. 12 at the Holiday Inn Boxborough Woods, Boxborough, Mass.

Phil Barlow’s work on the Rock Cats Stadium Fun Zone in New Britain, Conn., was the honored project. Also honored was the mason contractor/installer, LOC Construction, located in New Britain. The Fun Zone features an intricate design utilizing concrete pavers and features a bi-level configuration incorporating a 30-inch segmental retaining wall. Last year, Barlow was recognized for his work on the Art Alley project in New Britain.

Honored Project

Rock Cats Stadium Fun Zone

Rock Cats Stadium Fun Zone
Mason Contractor/Installer — LOC Construction

Rock Cats Stadium Fun Zone




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