March 2011: President’s Message


President’s Message

Mackie BoundsTid Bits from MCAA

The 2011 MCAA Convention has come and gone, and we are all back at home working hard and putting what we learned to practice. I have heard from many of our friends how much they enjoyed the convention, and I must agree: It was terrific. I want to take this opportunity to thank our staff for putting the entire convention together and bringing it to reality in a professional manner. It would be hard for anyone to do a better job! The only complaint I had is that I left Las Vegas with both feet hurting, and I never had the opportunity to walk the convention floor. I also want to thank our entire industry for having representatives there and meeting with me. I will assure all of you that we at MCAA will do our part to improve and make our industry stronger.

It also is exciting to hear so many mason contractors pursuing or thinking about pursuing certification. My hat goes off to all who have already become certified. I am currently in the process, and it is a learning experience. That is exciting to me – to be able to learn and refresh what I already know. I want to encourage all mason contractors to participate and, as a result, strengthen our companies and our industry. I look forward to the day that I pick up a spec book, and it requires the mason contractor to be certified. Don’t wait until that happens to do it!

It was also great to see the Committee meet. We are working toward the completion of the project. When I say completion, I mean beginning upgrades. Whole Wheat Creative has done a great job helping bring the program to this point, along with the help of Tim O’Toole. I am sure this team will continue to improve this site. If you haven’t visited the site yet, stop and take the time to go visit it. I warn you now that you will be there for a while. It is a learning experience, and it is a great tool for Vision 2020.

Then, there was the South of 40 event! I won’t go into a lot of details, but maybe you need to ask Calvin Brodie, Mike Falencki, Jim O’Connor or maybe even the staff. The event was outstanding and fun for all – maybe too much fun! It was exciting to see our future come together, having fun and learning from each other. Two of our employees here at home went to the convention, and both came back excited about what they learned in the committee meeting and most of all those one-on-one visits. I also appointed another South of 40 member as a committee chairman. Congratulations to Moroni Mejia for stepping up and taking on a big job. He replaces Calvin Brodie, who resigned, but we all know Calvin worked hard, and we thank him for his service. Be sure to keep your eyes and your ears open for the next South of 40 event. It is for a good cause, and it’s fun!

We had a good Safety Committee meeting. The chairman of the committee, Zach Everett, made it very clear that he needs more folks on the committee. The safety information that we, as members, get due to the hard work of this committee is of enough value that we can justify our membership. I do want to encourage the principles of member companies to help fill the positions open on this committee. It does not have to be you, but maybe a key employee or safety director. I believe we will be seeing a new and exciting approach from our Safety Committee.

I have so much more to tell you, but maybe this will give you a little taste. There was so much excitement around and about! The South of 40 event, Team Awards, Fastest Trowel on the Block competition, Bricklayer 500, PAC Fundraiser and apprenticeship contest, and the list goes on. My wife, Norma Jean, and I want to take this opportunity now to invitee you to San Antonio to the Mid-Year Meeting Sept. 14-17. There will be fun for all. Until next time, this old cowboy says, “Shoot for the moon and, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

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