March 2010: For The Record


For The Record

What is your definition of stability? The word can easily describe many facets of your lives, from the healthy state of your families to the strength of the buildings you construct as mason contractors. We all want stability in life.

Even in the midst of such an unstable economic climate, many businesses in our industry have stabilized. This was evident during the World of Concrete/World of Masonry show in Las Vegas last month. I was expecting low-spirited people and a sparsely populated show floor. But what I found was just the opposite: energized, upbeat crowds and vendors who want to continue to take care of business. Has it been easy? No. But people are doing what they need to survive, and to maintain some sense of stability.

The same can be said for Masonry Magazine. Times have been tough for everyone, but we have remained committed to bringing you a quality magazine every month, complete with editorial content that will teach you about industry trends and methods as well as the products available to you.

As we all strive for stability, I applaud your efforts to remain strong and relevant. We can all find a way to succeed, if we work together.

A recent article by Mark Fowler entitled “Stupid Prices” (January 2010) hits the nail on the head. I’ve been involved with the manufacturing and marketing of masonry construction products for over 40 years. I can say from personal experience that I have seen these down times before and the results that came from a substandard reaction to them. Low prices lead to inferior construction practices. Lower quality or no quality products are substituted for specified products, often times without authorization.

We are in challenging times, and how we react to these conditions will set the course for our industry in the future. Substandard building products and building practices brought about by low-ball pricing will become a cancer in our industry if we allow it.

Richard Lolley
President, CEO
Advanced Building Products, Inc.

In the January 2010 issue of Masonry, an incorrect image appeared with the article, “Mason Finds Win-Win Solution for CVS Store” (p. 20). The following image is the correct image of an installation of Blok-Flash. We regret the error.

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