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Dold Campaign Goes Through Northfield Block
Congressmen Dold and Roskam and Lake County State’s Attorney candidate Michael Nerheim visited Northfield Block Plant Nov. 2. The Congressmen were there to learn more about the masonry industry and to discuss their plans for getting the construction industry working again. 
Each of the representatives spoke of the need to get government out of the way and let business excel and do what it does best. They discussed the uncertainty of the markets we work in and that our government needs to give a solid look to the future so business people will be willing to begin investing the dollars that have been sitting on the sidelines throughout the past few years. 

Steve Hunt the host for the event thanked Congressman Dold’s recent support and co-sponsorship of the industry’s Check-Off Program. Jim O’Connor of the MCA of Greater Chicago asked Congressman Roskam to consider his support as well. Mr. O’Connor followed up with some information regarding union pensions since the union pension law will be sun setting shortly. He pointed them to the work of the NCCMP a coalition of both management and labor looking to come to consensus on how to deal with the current pension plan and future retirement options. 
The day ended with a block plant tour. The masonry community thanks both Congressmen for attending the tour and wishes them both well in their re-election efforts. Both Congressmen have been friends of the industry and their path forwarded is one our industry embraces.         
Northfield Block is a member of the MCAA through their parent company Oldcastle. Oldcastle is a member of the MCAA and is also a Strategic Partner of the MCAA.  
Article by Jeff Buczkiewicz
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