Lafarge’s Rock Quarry and Aggregate Lab


Quarry Tour

Recently, I toured Lafarge’s Cumming, Ga., 500-acre rock quarry and Aggregate Lab. Plant Manager David Stewart delivered a world-class view of the quarry, which has been in operation since the 1970s, to me and Masonry Advertising Director Marvin Diamond. A state-of-the-art Aggregate Lab is the home of endless testing of materials and products. The many functions of the quarry and lab truly are fascinating.

Each time an area of the quarry is chemically blasted, 30 to 50 tons of rock are produced. Oversized pieces are broken apart with a hydraulic hammer. Rock is dumped into a box with a vibrating plate, and then enters a jaw crusher. It is reduced to seven-inch pieces and then sent up a conveyor belt to begin the separation process. More than 10 sizes will eventually be sorted. The rocks are washed and sold to companies as aggregate, sand or other materials. A total of five companies are actually located at the quarry. Private citizens can buy aggregate and boulders for landscaping as well.

Some acreage of the Lafarge quarry property has been reserved for wild life in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation.

Also, located at the quarry is an Aggregate Lab and business office. Testing of Lafarge products takes place at the lab as well as testing for other agencies, state departments, etc. The lab also is the site of cutting-edge research and development, conducted by a team that includes a resident geologist. Materials are cured onsite and tested to check PSI standards, etc.

The adherence to safety rules and regulations leaves a strong impression on quarry visitors, as does the cleanliness of the lab and even the quarry. Lafarge runs a tight ship to produce its highly regarded products. Take a look through the images from the visit to learn more from our visit.


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