K 3000 Wet Electric Power Cutter


Husqvarna Construction Products

Olathe, Kan.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Husqvarna Construction Products’ K 3000 Wet is an electric power cutter that allows the user to cut indoors easily and cost-effectively, without dust. The K 3000 Wet is equipped with a newly developed wet-cutting kit that regulates the flow of water and concentrates the spray into a stream and then onto the blade. Specially designed nozzles are housed in specific positions along the blade guard to help keep water flow use to a minimum. It is important to keep water flow to a level that is sufficient to suppress the dust, but not cause excessive slurry. The K 3000 Wet is ideal for rapid and simple onsite cutting, and can make easy adjustments between a variety of building components, including pipes, reinforced steel and struts.