President’s Message


President’s Message

Mackie BoundsAdding Dollars to the Bottom Line

Every now and then, we all have employees who will say to us, “I have an idea about something that will add dollars to our bottom line.” I have never dismissed an employee from my office before I heard him out. If I did, you would probably think how foolish I would be. As a mason contractor, so often we think the only way to add money to the bottom line is to increase production. I will agree it is one way, and we realize the best way to lose money is a decrease in production.

I think we should ask what affects production. Equipment, jobsite conditions, personnel placement, material and even our customers are just the beginning of what can affect production.

Recently, a few mason contractors and suppliers gathered in Washington, D.C., for our Legislative Conference. I am a little disappointed that I have to say a few rather than many, but I believe we soon will see the interest turn in the right direction. I will assure you that those few worked very hard in trying to add dollars to our bottom line.

Only a hand full of the folks running our government has any business experience. Therefore, the laws they have passed and are considering passing are normally taking dollars away from our profit! We did our best to educate and inform our Congressmen and Senators about our business and how important we are in helping to create jobs. We had great discussions concerning 3 percent withholding on all government contracts. We informed them that, in many cases, 3 percent is more than our net profit on a job. We talked to them about military construction. We now have their attention and have informed them that we do not need to build buildings for our soldiers that resemble “motel construction.” Instead of building a 15-year building, we need to go back to building a 60-year building. Once we accomplish this, it will increase our market share.

Then there was the issue of immigration. Once again, we see folks trying to fix something that they don’t understand. We were able to let them know that, as business owners, we did not need any more burdens placed upon us but, rather, the government needs to fix what they messed up to start with.

Then there was the giant issue of healthcare! While the bill has already passed, we now must be concerned about how the federal agencies implement the program. If we don’t work for our protection, profit will be taken away.

I ask again, what affects production and our bottom line? I think it is time that we all wake up and realize that the government has more affect on production and our bottom line than personnel placement. I ask you to look at all of the regulations that we must abide by, and all the high taxes we pay; I know you will agree with me. If we do not educate and inform the government of what we need, then we need to prepare ourselves for less profit. Please make a promise with me that, Lord willing, we will be together at our Legislative Conference in 2011.

We all had a great time working together for the good of the masonry industry. That is what the MCAA is all about! I must say, I am thankful that I live in the United States of America. Until next time, this ole cowboy says, “Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you will land among the stars.


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2015 MCAA Fastest Trowel On The Block Winner

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