June 2013: From the Editor


From the Editor

Restoring a Legend

Jennifer Morrell

Being part of the Mason Contractors Association of America has made a difference in my life in many ways. A group of us recently attended the MCAA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., and each year this trip only increases my interest in our government and how it works (or, sometimes, doesn’t work).

We, as MCAA members, preach over and over that, in order to be heard and make a difference, we must get in front of Members of Congress. It’s true.

Each year, we enter different politicians’ offices and, usually, are led to a meeting room. Many times, we begin explaining our concerns over various issues (silica regulations, estate tax, immigration, check-off program, and more). These elected officials do not always understand or even know of the issues. In particular, he or she may not understand how a bill or proposed bill might affect our industry and, therefore, jobs for Americans. Once we leave their offices, they do understand.

Legislative Conference attendees educate politicians, one by one, and it’s effective. Since power lies in numbers, your attendance next year would truly make a difference as we fight to keep our industry thriving and profitable.

Being able to run from building to building on The Hill once a year, meeting with Members of Congress, is only the beginning of the differences the MCAA has made in my life. Never have I met such an intelligent, hard-working, honest group of people, many of whom have become mentors to me.

It also has allowed me to better understand my own father’s business, since he has a brick distribution company in South Georgia. I understand the role of his company, and can see firsthand what the last few years have done to construction-related businesses.

I guess there’s something about working in an industry that is responsible for structures and foundations all around us – both new and restored. Our industry makes me extremely proud. I am Blessed to be a part of it.

Shown are Paul Oldham, Paul Odom, Mike Sutter, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI), John Smith Jr., and Jennifer Morrell at a reception in D.C.
Shown are Paul Oldham, Paul Odom, Mike Sutter, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI), John Smith Jr., and Jennifer Morrell at a reception in D.C.

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