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Table of Contents


Tools of the Trade
Sometimes, the simplest tool can go a long way toward saving you time and money on the jobsite.

Cleaning Equipment
Pressure washers make masonry cleaning applications fast and easy.

Business Management
Masonry spoke to several companies of varying size to learn what it takes to remain relevant and profitable in today’s rocky financial climate.


For the Record
President’s Message
Government Affairs
New Products
Masonry EXPO Awards
Business Building
Full Contact Project Management
Classified Advertising

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    The thing about blades is that they can always be a little sharper. That’s a maxim the masonry blade industry has taken to heart as it continues to innovate, making blades more versatile, more durable and less expensive to produce.
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    As manufacturers of masonry cleaning equipment for over 43 years, Unique Industries LLC (known by the product name Kem-O-Kleen) has received more than a few questions about cleaning methods. We believe that there is always room to improve and, by sharing ideas and information, we can all be better. With…
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    Not unlike a hammer or wrench, a pressure washer is a universal tool applicable across a range of service fields. Pressure washers can tackle the relatively light job of cleaning vinyl siding, up to the tough removal of caked-on mud or grease from heavy equipment.
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    Since early mankind moved out of caves and into communities, brick has been a desired construction material. With readily available materials, a simple manufacturing process, and durable and sustainable results, brick prominence was easy to understand.
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    The masonry industry has established guidelines for masonry grout, which allows contractors to produce quality materials and deliver them efficiently to where they are needed on the jobsite. The “Standard Specification for Grout for Masonry” (ASTM C476) is the prevailing specification in the masonry industry.
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