July 2009 Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Tools of the Trade
An inside look at the eclectic range of bricklayer’s tools hitting the market

How BIM Affects Masonry Construction
Building Information Modeling is the representation of building information in a computer-readable form. Masonry looks at the benefits of this building method.

Understanding Air and Vapor Barriers
With moisture-related problems in both new construction and older buildings equally prevalent in the news, there is no doubt that air and vapor barriers should be a well-used and understood tool in a designer’s bag of tricks.
Exploring a Web site that motivates customers to design their next buildings with total masonry construction

For the Record
President’s Message
Government Affairs
Making The Grade
New Products
Full Contact Project Management
Business Building
Playing It Safe
Classified Advertising

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    High-performance buildings are constructed to maximize energy efficiency, durability and overall occupant comfort. As the demand for these buildings continues to increase, it is important to understand that one of the key aspects of achieving this is proper building enclosure design and overall wall system performance.
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    The release of the latest edition of the nation’s consensus-based standard governing BIM is going to take a little more time.
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    While the quest for increased R-values has led to dramatic reductions in air movement through building assemblies, it has also reduced their ability to dry when they get wet. In-wall systems allow this moisture to dissipate while maintaining the desired degree of airtightness. One way to create moisture escape routes…
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    By all accounts, the BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) Initiative is moving at an ever-increasing pace. In April 2015, the first BIM-M Symposium brought together architects, structural engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, software vendors, construction managers, mason contractors and others.
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    Masonry-clad buildings leak. They leak air, vapor, and water. These leaks place an environmental load on the building envelope, structural components, mechanical systems, and even building occupants. If left unchecked, these loads can result in building component and system failures.
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