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July 2009

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Freedom Pays!

As you’re reading this, it’s probably around July 4, a time when the people of the United States celebrate freedom in a big way. From parades and flags, to military and fireworks, everyone celebrates our freedom. But what does freedom mean to you, especially in a practical sense?

Your business is not worth anything if your country isn’t free. Being the best PM in the industry is worthless if you can’t make your own choices. And, being free to run a business or a project requires a country that allows and encourages business.

For more than 233 years, this country has stood for freedom: a beacon of light in a sometimes-dark world. But the country’s strength is derived from its people and its businesses, many of which are small businesses.

Times are a bit different now, and we might need a little change or two. So, let me offer an idea. How about we go out there and get some new work, even if it means doing something a bit differently than we might be used to? Maybe we can’t count on work just dropping into our laps like it might have in the past.

My thought: If you value your business and the freedoms it provides you, let’s fight for it. After all, history is on our side.

Following are seven strategies to restore and preserve your freedom:

  1. If you aren’t currently marketing your business to potential new customers, start now
  2. If you don’t yet have a Web site, get one
  3. If you do have a Web site, assure it works properly
  4. If you don’t know how many people are visiting your Web site or who they are, fix it so you do
  5. If you aren’t communicating regularly with your current and past clients, start doing so
  6. If you are communicating with them, do a better and more consistent job
  7. If you are doing all of these things already, find a way to systematize them and make them happen automatically.

Coach Gary says:

“Regular people can do new things.”

These seven strategies are doable. One of the things I do is help businesses implement these strategies, so that they can get new work. We’re doing it with video, audio, newsletters, Web sites, blogs, emails, letters, postcards and increased Google rankings. Sure, some of this may sound like foreign language. But this stuff is definitely not brain surgery or rocket science. 

Business growth, when properly done, will give you more freedom – at least the freedom to not worry so much. Get the free report. Get some help. Get some coaching. Get going.

Coach Gary’s Corner:

Preserve your freedom! Get a free report on how you can use these seven strategies in your own business at Click on the link. The best athletes and their teams use coaches. Do you have a coach to take you to the next level? You need a process. Masonry readers get this report for free at my Web site. Check out the other updates and info that will help your projects. Also, you can get Coach Gary’s book, “Get Paid for a Change,” and his new CD, “How to Become the Leader Your Team Needs!”




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