January 2013: From the Editor


From the Editor

I write this column with heavy heart, in light of the horrid events that occurred in Connecticut Dec. 14, 2012. Twenty-six people lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings and, as we know, 20 of them were children. Six of them were adult heroes.

I attended my daughter’s classroom Christmas party this week – a room full of 1st graders. I tried (unsuccessfully) to hold back tears as they sang Christmas carols for all of us parents. Tears of joy that I would get to tuck my little girl into bed that night, and tears of sorrow for the many parents who, for whatever reason, would not again. As they stood before us, dressed in their Christmas best and smiling through snaggled teeth, I could only think of what a treasure our children really are. What a blessing.

As we kick off a new year, we have a new opportunity before us: to make 2013 better than the year before. How do we do that? Some of it involves circumstance that we cannot control, and how we react to it. Some of it, however, will be based on our own decision making. This applies to everything in our lives. Each decision, big or small, has an impact. How you run your business, how you treat your employees, and even how you respond to a stranger on the street – all of it matters.

Let’s vow to make the most educated, thoughtful and productive decisions we can in 2013. Let’s take this turning economy by the horns and make noted progress. And, most of all, let’s remember how short life can be. Shorter for some, than for others. Leave nothing on the table, and nothing left unsaid. A new year and a fresh start, backed by the wisdom we’ve garnered through this point.

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