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Mixing It Up

Most mason contractors will tell you that once they find a mixer, pump and/or delivery system with which they are comfortable and happy, then chances are, they’ll be loyal to that brand. This is a recurring theme in masonry construction. Whether it’s a saw blade, a type of scaffolding or a mortar mixer, masons stick to what works. …

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2015 World of Concrete / World of Masonry

The Masonry Magazine crew headed to sunny and warm Las Vegas in early-February to attend one of the construction industry’s biggest business events and week-long parties, World of Concrete/World of Masonry. The event drew 55,779 registered professionals and featured more than 1,459 exhibitors across more than 675,000 net square feet of space. …

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MCAA Educates, Entertains During Annual Convention

The MCAA hosted an event-filled week during its Annual Convention, which was held in conjunction with the 2015 World of Concrete/World of Masonry show in Las Vegas last month. From seminars and competitions to social mixers and networking events, the MCAA kept attendees on their toes throughout the week.…

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Masonry Blade Companies Hone Products and Pitch

The thing about blades is that they can always be a little sharper.
That’s a maxim the masonry blade industry has taken to heart as it continues to innovate, making blades more versatile, more durable and less expensive to produce. …

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Challenges in Fall Protection

No company wants one of its team members to suffer a fall, regardless of the severity. The lengths to which the company will go to accomplish this is another story. OSHA has a minimum standard. For example, an employee working from a scaffold must have fall protection at a height of 10 feet.…

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Low-Level Lifts Can Fit the Bill

People often can be tempted to make do with available tools, risking bodily injury for the sake of saving time and energy. This temptation applies to nearly all tools and equipment, including those designed to provide access to elevated work heights.…

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Flashing: Roof/Wall Intersections

As the technical services manager of the Brick Industry Association (BIA) in the Southeast region, one facet of my responsibility is to conduct jobsite investigations on both commercial and residential masonry installations when something goes awry.…

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John Smith, Jr.

John Smith, Jr. receives the 2015 MCAA C. DeWitt Brown Leadman Award

2015 MCAA Fastest Trowel On The Block Winner

2015 MCAA Fastest Trowel On The Block Winner

Daniel Furr 1st Place Winner

Daniel Furr 1st Place Winner (First Year), Masonry Skills Challenge

Synpro Products

Masonry Magazine Video News Interview: Michael Goyne

Hydro Mobile Inc

Interview with Kevin O'Shea of Hydro Mobile, Inc.

Interview with Mark Kemp – Chairman, MCAA

Interview with Masonry Contractors Association of America Chairman, Mark Kemp

Mortar Net Solutions

Interview with Steve Fechino from Mortar Net Solutions

Pullman Ermator

Interview with Lyndon Kelsey of Pullman Ermator

Keene Building Products

Interview with Jim O'Neill of Keene Building Products