Featured Product:Mulit-Blade Paver Bar


Mulit-Blade Paver BarMulit-Blade Paver Bar

Bon Tool Co.
Gibsonia, Pa.

Bon Tool Co.’s Multi-Blade Paver Bar is a loosening and aligning bar with four adjustable hardened steel blades. The tool is ideal for maneuvering paver units for easy removal or to better align pavers that have not been vibrated into place. Bon’s new paver bar is equipped with two handles that are comfortably placed for best leverage, while the bar itself can be used as a foot rest for additional leverage. The bar can move up easily to five rows of masonry paver units at one time. Four tempered blades can be adjusted to any location along the base of the bar to achieve the best spacing for the size of the units. ¬†