Featured Product: Trailer Hitch-Mounted HID Light Tower


Trailer Hitch-Mounted HID Light Tower

Trailer Hitch-Mounted HID Light TowerLarson Electronics
Kemp, Texas

The HIDTH-66X2-70W is one of the newest additions to Larson Electronics’ Magnalight line of portable and mobile HID work-area lighting solutions. The light tower is a portable and mobile HID solution that is ideal for illuminating large work spaces and produces a 12,600-lumen floodlight beam capable of covering a 600- X 575-foot work area. This extendable unit contains dual 70-watt HID lamp heads and incorporates an adjustable trailer hitch mounting system that utilizes the weight of the vehicle to create a stable and highly mobile mounting platform. This allows tower setup in areas where high winds and inclement conditions commonly are encountered.