Featured Product: Stone Lift Jockey


Stone Lift JockeyStone Lift Jockey

Honeoye, N.Y.

Stone Construction Equipment’s Stone Handlers line includes the narrow Lift Jockey LJS2000. Designed to fit through standard doorways, the LJS2000 has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds. It also can be hoisted to work on upper floors. This ride-on or walk-behind lift easily moves and raises pallets, blocks, packaged material, landscape trees and shrubs, or anything else that needs handling on the job. The Lift Jockey LJS2000 is a counter-balance fork truck that can pick up any width pallet using either pallet or block forks. The Lift features three interchangeable heavy-duty masts. The lockable, fold-up operator platform is contoured, allowing increased maneuverability in confined areas. It provides operator comfort while riding, and easily moves out of the way should the operator choose to walk behind.