Featured Product: Steel Hoods for Engine-powered Boom Lifts


Steel Hoods for Engine-powered Boom LiftsSteel Hoods for Engine-powered Boom Lifts

McConnellsburg, Pa.

JLG Industries, Inc. is installing steel hoods on several engine-powered boom lifts, beginning with the 600S, 800S and 800A models, produced after Oct. 1, 2010. The steel hoods also will be available for the aftermarket from JLG Ground Support. Featuring increased durability, the steel hoods will reduce the cost of ownership and provide improved long-term value. The painted hoods will maintain their color over time, improving aesthetics throughout the life of the equipment. Easier to repair than previously available hoods, the steel hoods will help rental companies achieve their financial goals by enabling them to make repairs in-house. The robust nature of these hoods provide additional protection from weld sprawls and other damaging elements.