Featured Product: Snow and Ice Melting Mats


Snow and Ice Melting MatsSnow and Ice Melting Mats

Rosemont, Ill.

EasyHeat is helping prevent some of the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents: snow, freezing rain and ice. The company’s Sno*Melter electrical heating mats allow people to walk safely during the winter by automatically eliminating snow and ice, as well as the hassle and expense of shoveling, salting and plowing. The Sno*Melter system uses low-temperature heating cables formed into flexible mats that install quickly and economically. Sno*Melter mats are placed below the surface of asphalt, pavers or concrete, and connected to standard voltages up to 480 VAC. A sensor connected to the system measures outside temperature to assure the mats are only energized during freezing conditions.