Featured Product: Six-Diode LED WhiteLight Dome Lamp



Six-Diode LED WhiteLight Dome Lamp

Six-Diode LED WhiteLight Dome LampGrote Industries
Madison, Ind.

Grote Industries’ 61291 LED WhiteLight Recessed-Mount Dome Lamp is in stock and shipping. Grote engineered this lamp as an intelligent alternative to fluorescent lamps, particularly for refrigerated environments with subzero temperatures. Grote was the first in the industry to introduce a fluorescent lamp with a low-temperature startup mechanism. Grote’s innovation made fluorescent lamps more versatile, and in the ensuing years, the lamps have continued to gain popularity in cold-climate applications, because they offer superior illumination and power consumption characteristics in comparison to incandescent lamps. The 61291 provides users with consistent operating performance and lighting quality, even in subzero temperatures.