Featured Product: Mobile Shrink Wrap


Mobile Shrink WrapMobile Shrink Wrap

Reno, Nev.

When structures are being built, and inclement weather arrives or a project hold takes place, there is no simpler or more cost-effective solution for asset protection than Fast Wrap. Fast Wrap is able to shrink wrap entire buildings, no matter the size, on site¬†and, generally, the same day. In addition, Fast Wrap can eliminate the need to transport and¬†store heavy equipment and supplies by protecting them at the site against damage from the elements while not in use. This saves not only time and effort, but also money. From housing additions or remodels, to hospital upgrades, Fast¬†Wrap’s services have renovations covered, quite literally. With the capability to protect the old from the new, the shrink-wrapping¬†resource allows homes and buildings to be safely inhabited or used¬†while undergoing construction.