Featured Product: Mobile Cleaning and Thawing Systems


Mobile Cleaning and Thawing SystemsMobile Cleaning and Thawing Systems

Sioux Corp.
Beresford, S.D.

Sioux Corp.’s mobile, self-contained cleaning and thawing systems are built specifically for the needs of each customer. Sioux mobile systems are ideal for melting ice dams, and thawing valves, culverts, hydrants, tanks, piping systems and drains. These mobile systems also can be used to thaw railroad cars to accelerate removal of viscous contents, remove oil and grease from equipment, prepare surfaces for painting, de-gas oil and gas tanks, sterilize and disinfect equipment and facilities, weed eradication, accelerate pre-cast concrete curing, thaw aggregate for concrete production, and more. A Sioux trailer can be added to any Sioux steam cleaner, pressure washer, or steam generator.