Featured Product: Light Bulb Changing Scaffold


Light Bulb Changing Scaffold

Non-Stop Scaffolding
Shreveport, La.

Light Bulb Changing ScaffoldNon-Stop Scaffolding’s new patent-pending Light Bulb Scaffold System can be used to change light bulbs, perform A/V/L work, and perform other maintenance chores in an auditorium almost as easily as setting up a scaffold in a wide-open gymnasium. The Light Bulb Scaffold system uses a light-weight Spanner Kit that adapts to virtually any floor layout. The spacing of the four legs is designed to step around rows of seats, desks, etc. The legs telescope up and down as much as five feet to provide a solid, level base on stepped or sloping floors, or above stadium seating, like choir lofts. It only takes about five minutes to assemble the base, without tools. The entire scaffold can be built in less than 30 minutes.