Featured Product: Home Slicker Stone and Stucco Rainscreen


Home Slicker Stone and Stucco RainscreenHome Slicker Stone and Stucco Rainscreen

Horsham, Pa.

Benjamin Obdyke’s Home Slicker Stone and Stucco alleviates moisture problems specifically in stone, stucco and masonry applications by providing a continuous drainage and ventilation space in a rainscreen wall assembly. The patented, vertically channeled matrix forms the air space, while the breathable fabric blocks mortar from seeping into the newly formed cavity, allowing moisture to pass through. Current construction designs call for manufactured stone to be applied directly against the metal lathe, which is placed against the plywood sheathing and water-resistive barrier. This technique allows any moisture that penetrates the exterior cladding to become trapped between the cladding and the interior sheathing. Building science experts are now recommending a rainscreen system as the optimum method of wall construction in masonry applications to allow the trapped moisture to drain.