Featured Product: Clemons Concrete Coatings Super Dye


Clemons Concrete Coatings Super Dye

Clemons Concrete Coatings Super DyeBraxton-Bragg
Knoxville, Tenn.

Braxton-Bragg now offers Clemons Concrete Coatings Super Dye. The dye is delivered in an eight-ounce, concentrated liquid package that installers mix with a gallon of either water or acetone. Following a quick stir, the mixture is ready to be applied to the concrete floor. When using acetone or alcohol in Super Dye, any kind of sealer can be used immediately after dyeing. The Super Dye is a penetrating dye that adds color to existing interior concrete. Nano-particles allow the color to penetrate the concrete, resulting in a durable treatment that will not wear away with traffic.