Exchange-A-Blade Changes Name to EAB


Exchange-A-Blade Changes Name to EAB

Exchange-A-Blade, the pioneer in exchangeable and environmentally sustainable power tool accessories, announces the change of its corporate name to EAB Tool Co. Inc., and the marketing of its core line of exchangeable products under the brand name EAB.

The EAB acronym preserves the connection with the company’s origins as a supplier and re-manufacturer of exchangeable circular saw blades for the retail hardware and building supply markets, while allowing it to represent its entire power tool accessories product line.

This announcement launches the rebranding of the Company’s exchangeable EABproducts, and its non-exchangeable products under the existing StaySharp name. The rebrand encompasses all logos, graphics, product packaging and in-store displays and will be rolled out to retail dealers in Canada and the United States during 2014.

“We’re very excited about the new EAB,” says Rob Forbes, founder and president of EAB. “This is an evolution of the brand. We continue to enhance the Exchange System that has allowed us to compete successfully against much larger competitors, while reinforcing our principles of delivering outstanding value and service, building customer and dealer loyalty, and striving for a more environmentally sustainable industry.”