December 2008: President’s Message


December 2008

President’s Message

Masonry Magazine

How Is Your Business Doing?

“How is your business doing?” This seems to be the first question I hear when speaking with someone. It is asked, whether I am talking with a customer, banker, fellow contractor or even my wife, who, after hearing and watching the news, wants to know how we are affected by the current economic crisis.

My answers usually contain information from feedback I have received from fellow MCAA contractors throughout the country.

It is always interesting hearing about certain parts of the country that are still doing well, such as Texas. Other states aren’t doing too well, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida. Every marketplace is a little different: Some are good and others are poor, but most are facing tougher competition.

Being able to talk with fellow MCAA members lets you realize we are all in the same boat. You also realize you are not alone, and others are experiencing the same thing you are. This doesn’t make it better, but it sure can help with your mental outlook on the way you approach these challenges.

Most economists will tell you when tough times occur, you must do three things to survive: reduce overhead, cut costs and preserve cash. This sometimes is a lot easier said than done.

Only time will tell how long our economic challenges will last. Just know that by being a member of the MCAA, you are part of an organization that cares about its members and will endeavor to provide you with up-to-date information about our industry; happenings in Washington; and steps our lawmakers are taking to help get our economy back on track.

Your continued support or your joining us in our efforts today are all the more important for us to be successful in working our way out of this economic downturn. The MCAA is now offering a monthly payment option for new members and any existing members who have yet to renew this year. Depending on the sales volume of your company, your monthly payment can be less than $50 per month. Fifty dollars per month may seem like a lot right now, but it goes a long way in helping us work together to build our industry. As we all know, together we are stronger. I wish you and yours the best this holiday season.

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