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Masonry December 2016

December 2016

Volume 55, Number 12


Scaffold Planks and Decking
Wood Scaffold Plank Performance
Learn how the key elements of wood plank relate
to performance

What’s in a Grade?
An expert reveals the differences between DI 65
and MSR plank

Quiz: Scaffold Planks and Platforms
Test your knowledge on scaffold plank identification
and inspection

World of Concrete 2017 Preview
Get Ready for World of Concrete and the
2017 MCAA Annual Convention



From the Editor
Chairman’s Message
Government Affairs
Trowel Tech
Business Building
New Products
Classified Advertising

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    One of the most durable and cost-effective choices for scaffold plank by mason contractors is solid sawn scaffold plank. The two main choices these days are MSR (Machine Stress Rated) and DI 65 (Dense Industrial 65), both made from Southern yellow pine species, manufactured mostly in the Southern United States.…
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    By Jeff Jack Compiled by Karen D. Hickey A plank is not just a piece of lumber. There is a lot to think through when purchasing and using planks for jobsite scaffolding. Test your knowledge on scaffold plank identification and inspection with this quiz, which recently appeared in a free…
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    Wood scaffold plank is undoubtedly a critical component within scaffold assemblies, as worker safety depends on the performance of the planks on which they stand. Nowadays, the product offering of wood scaffold plank is quite diverse. Aside from traditional solid sawn lumber planks that are visually graded to meet OSHA…
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    When buying something new, you expect (insert your shiny new toy here) to work, and to be in fantastic condition and ready to handle the job it was intended to do. Youve done the research, examined the features and found the best deal. Now, its yours.
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    Before a brick or block wall can go up, the basics have to be considered. Safety precautions are paramount, and that ranges from a properly fitting hard hat to the condition and strength of the planks you are using on your scaffolding.
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