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November 2016

Volume 55, Number 11


Moisture Management
Weeps: Getting the Water Out

Specifying the Right Waterproofing Coverage

Moisture Management’s Front Line

Rehabs and Restorations: Case Studies
Kansas State University:
Memories to Last a Lifetime

Restoring the Historic Chickasaw Nation Boarding School

Recrowning the Jewel of the French Quarter: Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis, King of France

The Impact of Staining on Masonry

Pillsbury A-Mill Artists’ Lofts Get a Lift

Mast Climbers
The Fraco Model:
A New Working Environment for the Bricklayer

The EZ Compact Mast Climber:
Unconventional Scaffold for Tight Spaces




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Chairman’s Message
Government Affairs
Full Contact Manager
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New Products
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    “I hate frames!” How many times have you heard that phrase? I hear this one a lot, too: “I’d love to use EZ Scaffold, but this is not a mast climber job. I don’t want to use frames, but I don’t have a choice.” The fact is, we will never…
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    Ask the experts about mast climbers, and theyll tell you to think of the equipment as you would an automobile.
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    Drainage in a masonry cavity wall is something we deal with each and every day as we construct our walls. But drainage can be complicated — from the arrangement of pipes and conduits found in the cavity and architectural features that can create obstructions, to footing step-downs due to grade…
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    The advent of the mast climbing work platform has brought about a reduction of the laborer-to- bricklayer ratio in the masonry industry. This has forced the identification of new ways to work with masonry equipment. The concept of division of labor may represent a solution.
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