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July 2016: Contractor Tip of the Month

Yesterday, while I was flying back to Columbus, Ohio, from Kansas City, Mo., a lot of things were going through my mind. I was concerned about a $5.7-million job that Lang Masonry started three weeks later than we planned, and the fact that the general contractor is requiring us to catch up on the schedule, regardless of the cause of the delay. I was also apprehensive about decisions that would be made by a couple of banks over the next few days. Projects, revenue, capital expenses…all of these were churning in my mind.

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June 2016: Contractor Tip of the Month

As I’m writing this month’s tip, I am patiently waiting between events at my daughter Amy’s track meet. I’ve got a big smile on my face, as Amy has won the first two events she competed in.

While Amy was competing in the high jump event, between jumps, the high school boys were running a long race that consists of several laps around the track.

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