CMAA: Today Is International Construction Management Day


CMAA: Today Is International Construction Management Day

The CMAA, an organization advancing professional construction and program management, issued the following statement regarding International Construction Management Day 2013:

On behalf of our more than 10,000 members, CMAA is proud to join with professional Construction Managers worldwide in observing the third annual International Construction Management Day on Monday, March 11, 2013.

Owners of capital construction projects, wherever in the world they are located, are embracing CMAA’s Standards of Practice of professional CM as a reliable means to assure successful delivery of vital projects. CMAA member firms are active in markets from South. CMAA is working steadily to deliver training and other support that enhances professional practice and strengthens the CM’s ability to contribute to national and regional prosperity. Our SOP receives ever-wider global acceptance, and interest in CM certification overseas is rising steadily. 

We are also discovering, year by year, how much the principles of professional CM can contribute to meeting fundamental challenges affecting the quality of people’s lives in the developing and undeveloped world. Professional CMs are increasingly active in projects the world over to improve sanitation, provide drinking water, streamline travel, deliver electric power and communications, and create the basic infrastructure that supports a secure and healthy life. 

Professional CMs have a lot to be proud of in today’s world. CMAA and its members will continue to work to assure that the future brings even more accomplishment.