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Homeowners are increasingly reliant on professional mason contractors to bring their outdoor visions to life. In addition to enhancing the quality of their outdoor living spaces, many homeowners see hardscapes such as pavers and concrete as sound and enduring investments to their homes’ exteriors. Projects can range from the addition of a new paver or concrete driveway or walkway to a refresh of an existing stone patio. But whatever the size of the project, it is important to take steps to ensure that your customers’ hardscape projects maintain their beauty for years to come.

There is a common misconception that outdoor hardscapes do not require any special protection or maintenance, and that they are essentially “stain proof.” However, if not properly treated with a protective sealer, then water, oil or other liquids like plant sap can easily penetrate the surface, leaving unwanted stains. This is because all hardscape surfaces are porous to some degree and require protection, so they don’t become marked or stained. Additionally, if your outdoor hardscape is going to be in direct sunlight, it will be exposed to powerful UV rays that can cause additional wear and discoloration over time.



Important Tips for Extending the Life of Your Outdoor Pavers

Paver Armor Pro™

Natural Look Sealers provide weather resistance and stain protection, and do not change the appearance of pavers and masonry surfaces. For best results, look for penetrating sealers like those available in the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ line of hardscapes products, which provide proven protection in easy to select and use formulations. Additionally, look for newer, water-based solutions that perform at parity to or better than solvent-based solutions and don’t produce irritating fumes.   Once treated with a protective sealer, your hardscape surfaces can be ready for everyday use.


Once outdoor hardscapes have been properly treated with a protective sealer, they will be easier to maintain and keep clean.  However, as we all know, accidents can and do happen – from spilled cooking grease and barbeque stains to stuck chewing gum and tar. And, when cleaning these messes, it is important to use cleaners that have been specially formulated for use on hardscape surfaces. This is because most general-purpose cleaners can actually break down sealers and damage pavers and masonry surfaces. Instead, assure you and your customers use daily and heavy-duty cleansers like the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ line of cleaners. These are specifically designed for use on hardscape surfaces. That way, you can be confident you are not damaging your hardscapes when you are trying to clean them.


In some cases, your customers may have existing hardscapes – particularly those that were not originally treated with a protective seal – that are in need of restoration. For these types of projects, you can use color-enriching sealers that have been specially formulated to bring outdoor spaces back to life. With the right products, you can bring out the natural colors of the masonry surfaces and completely transform the appearance of your outdoor space. Look for products that combine the protective properties of a sealer with an “enhancer,” so that you are able to tackle two jobs at once. You’ll provide future protection from dirt and stains, while enriching the natural color of your masonry and stone surfaces. Whether you are looking for a “wet look” in a high-gloss, semi-gloss or a matte finish, products like the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ Color Enriching line of sealers are a good option.

Paver Armor Pro™, from the makers of DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional, is an advanced line of hardscapes products built with pros in mind. Paver Armor Pro™ products provide superior performance, backed by the same technology that protects the most sensitive natural stone – brought to you by DuPont, a brand you trust with a history of science-based innovation.

Paver Armor Pro™ products make it simple to choose the right product for your job with three easy categories:

  • Color Enriching Sealers—Products that enhance + protect. Add a “wet look” with or without a gloss finish to pavers and masonry surfaces.

  • Natural Look Sealers—Penetrating sealers that provide an invisible barrier of protection and do not change the appearance of pavers and masonry surfaces.

  • Cleaners—Products that meet everyday outdoor cleanings needs and tough cleaning jobs such as removing efflorescence, rust and oil.

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