Bricklayers’ Tools: A Tool for Every Situation



The needs of a bricklayer vary greatly on the job. Luckily, manufacturers are inventing and improving upon a host of fantastic products every day – products that can help bricklayers to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. A bricklayer is affected by many challenges, from leveling surfaces to providing his own lighting. Managing environmental and jobsite conditions is as important as shoring up a perfect wall. Following is a taste of what’s out there to help bricklayers do their jobs better. As always, be sure you catch our “New Products” page in each issue of Masonry, where you’ll get a glimpse at what manufacturers have to offer today’s masons.

Pompano Beach, Fla.

Apps4ConstructionApps4Construction has developed a fully-integrated, construction accounting software application for the mobile environment, where masons live and work every day. Work from the office, the field, home or a travel destination. It’s your choice. Designed to accommodate the needs of both specialty contractors and general contractors, the product includes applications for accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, bid/hit ratio analysis, cash management, change orders, equipment tracking, general ledger, job cost, ordering, purchasing and production. Applications for everyone involved, whether you’re tracking projected labor costs, following up on receivables, looking at job costs, or managing work-in-progress schedules or financial statements. Reports are available for all periods, and there are no period-ending close out procedures. This is a real-time updated system. Call 561-672-1733 to arrange for a live demonstration over the internet.

Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter
General Tools & Instruments
New York, N.Y.

Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture MeterThe Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter with Spherical Sensor and Remote Probe (MMD950) from General Tools & Instruments offers superior design and functionality, boasting several advantages over other moisture meters on the market, especially for masonry work. Depending on the area or surface to be measured, the MMD950 affords the flexibility to choose from one of two measurement modes. Pin mode uses replaceable pins at the end of a 46-inch cable; Pinless mode uses an integral spherical sensor. These different modes enable users to measure moisture in corners, hard-to-reach areas, narrow spaces and uneven surfaces. The spherical sensor measures the average moisture level, up to a depth of four inches, and its small contact area provides superb repeatability. The meter works in any position, can accommodate a wide viewing angle and, with its strong RF sensor, can detect moisture where other meters fail (e.g., masonry).

W. Rose Leather Handled Pointing and Margin Trowels
Kraft Tool Co.
Shawnee, Kan.

W. Rose Leather Handled Pointing and Margin Trowels Kraft Tool Co.W. Rose Masonry Tools, a Kraft Tool Co. brand, has introduced leather gripped pointing and margin trowels. Like the W. Rose brick trowels, the blade and tang is forged as one piece, before going through a special heat-tempered process to create a strong and durable blade. The unique tapered grind produces excellent flexibility in every blade. Each blade is hand polished to keep mortar and other materials centered on blade and resists sliding. The leather handle absorbs sweat and moisture, while retaining a consistent grip. This all-purpose tool is ideal for new construction, repair, preservation work and archaeology. Features include: a blade and tang forged in one piece for strength and flexibility; a hand-polished blade centers material and resists sliding; a smaller version of the legendary W. Rose brick trowel; a leather handle that absorbs moisture on hand; six sizes, from five to seven inches; a handle also available in wood; and an available protective leather pouch (#AR100). These products are made in the United States.

16-Foot Telescoping Light Boom
Larson Electronics
Kemp, Texas

16-Foot Telescoping Light BoomLarson Electronics’ Magnalight has released a telescoping light tower capable of lifting lighting and electrical equipment to heights of nine to 16 feet. The LM-16 Light Tower can be deployed easily by a single person and mounted to a variety of platforms. This heavy-duty deployment system is constructed of heavy-gauge, square steel tubing and includes a 12-inch-square, 1/2-inch-thick, predrilled base plate that allows mounting to trailers, flatbeds and any stable platform.

Magnalight’s LM-16 telescoping light tower is designed to provide operators with an easy-to-deploy and stable elevating system, capable of lifting up to 150 pounds of equipment to 16 feet in height. Magnalight offers these towers in several lengths as well as a wide variety of high-power light fixtures that can be custom matched to the tower according to the customers’ needs.

Combination Hammer
West Chester, Pa.

Combination Hammer Metabo Corp. has expanded its line of powerful rotary hammers to include the KHE 76 combination hammer, which provides increased power and precision as well as user comfort and safety. The tool features an impact reduction setting that reduces impact energy by 30 percent, when working with extremely pliable and brittle materials, yet offers the power to drill large-diameter holes into the hardest masonry materials or to perform heavy chiseling. The versatile KHE 76 also allows users to quickly, easily move between masonry drilling and demolition applications without switching tools. The hammer offers a high rotational torque of 796 inch-pounds, and variable impact energy from 1 to 16 joules per blow. Drilling range in concrete is up to two inches using solid bits, and six inches using core bits. For added precision, the chisel on the combination hammer can be fixed in 12 positions and has an electronic soft start for spot-drilling.

Uniruler Scribing Ruler

Uniruler Scribing RulerThe Uniruler is the next generation of folding rulers. Complete with a never-before seen scribing tip, on-center marking holes, and a handy angle gauge, it is far more efficient and compact that of other folding rulers. Its patent-pending, revolutionary design brings all the benefits of the old fashioned folding ruler into the 21st century. Made of impact-resistant fiberglass, it is lightweight, durable and folds to a compact 6.75 inches, with no unfolding overhang. Each section has been designed carefully, for complete control of measuring and scribing. It has unique centerlines that are 3/4-inch wide – twice the size of a standard mortar joint – giving the mason an advantage when making 3/8-inch measurements. The Uniruler quickly replicates wall angles, makes perfect arches and curves, finds studs, and can be fixed directly to your work surface. Three mason’s models are planned for production.

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