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Manufactured Thin Brick

Choosing manufactured stone thin bricks for your siding needs

Manufactured Thin Brick

A wide variety of options exists with choosing a siding product. For many, the decision can be difficult. Following is a breakdown to help with the selection process – five factors to consider when choosing a siding product.

1) Appearance
The appearance of thin bricks will give you the same look as full-thickness bricks. The corner pieces give you the impression of full thickness, and the colors are true throughout. Manufactured stone bricks are available in rich colors and distinctive textures.

Manufactured Stone producers offer thin bricks in a verity of different styles. Veneerstone offers options like Slender, Antique, Modular and King Size. If you don’t find what you are looking for, some manufacturers will customize a brick style or even a color that meets your needs. With manufactured stone thin bricks, you can customize a color to match a preexisting brick, paint, stucco, driveway or roof.

2) Installation
The skill level required to install manufactured stone thin bricks does not need to be high. Thin bricks are applied the same way as standard manufactured stone. However, spacers should be used to assure your lines are strait. You also may want to consider installing with a polymer modified veneer stone mortar to assure superior bond strength. Another option would be a type “S” mortar (such as that from Quikrete), which meets ASTM C-270. Simply butter the back of the thin brick, and stick it directly on to the scratch coat. You can apply manufactured stone thin brick to full-size brick, as long as your old brick is not sealed or deteriorating.

Manufactured Thin Brick

For the most current installation instruction, visit the Masonry Veneer Manufactures Association website,, or Veneerstone’s website, You can save across the board on labor, materials and time. For example, a mason can lay two times the amount of manufactured stone thin bricks per day, while not having to use footers. And, unlike full-thickness clay bricks, you can lay the entire job in one day, without having to wait for curing before completing the project.

3) Versatility  
Design like a pro: Effortless handling can allow you the flexibility to create patterns that otherwise would require significant work. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, archways, wine cellars and other design projects can be done in a snap. The versatility is limitless. It is important to remember that, whether the thin bricks are made from clay or manufactured stone, the materials are not weight bearing.

4) Availability
When you need your product versus when you get it is another key factor to consider. Clay brick manufactures require a minimum amount of product to go into production, in order to be efficient. As a result, lead times can be pushed back by a manufacturer until a given quantity can be reached to justify production. In today’s economy, manufacturers are closing plants and, therefore,¬† “just in time” inventory is common. By way of virtue, the manufactured stone thin brick process is nimble, allowing companies to produce small quantities to meet deadlines, while remaining cost efficient.

Manufactured Thin Brick

5) The Green Factor
The carbon footprint of producing manufactured stone thin bricks is significantly low. Even the effects that transportation has on our environment are reduced. Since this material is lighter and thinner, more of it can be transported, farther.

The options are seemingly endless. Hopefully, these five factors will help explain why manufactured stone thin bricks can be a great choice for your siding needs. The material’s natural appearance and functionality are impressive.

J. Justin Whitman works with Veneerstone/Pavestone. He can be reached at 214-269-5344 or

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