How to Remove and Prevent Graffiti on Historic Masonry Exteriors

Words: Ashley Johnson  Photos: PROSOCO Special thanks to Jake Boyer, Group Leader of PROSOCO, and Stephen Franks, Architectural and Technical Sales Expert for Hohmann & Barnard’s Diedrich Technology and Blok-Lok, Ltd. Graffiti is a common problem and challenge that many building owners encounter. Many historic buildings are recognized for their iconic masonry, whether that be natural stone, …

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The Restoration Advantage

You can restore and improve your bottom line when you make masonry restoration a part of your offerings.  Words: Stephen Franks Photos: Hohmann & Barnard  As a mason contractor, you know anchors. An integral part of the masonry wall system, the proper anchor used the proper way can make or break the integrity of the wall. …

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Warm Weather Q&A: A Follow Up

Words: MASONRY Magazine Photos:  DenGuy Editor’s note: With summer around the corner and construction getting back into full swing, we thought we should do a follow up to last year’s warm weather Q&A. This month, we had the opportunity to chat with the Corporate Safety director of Brazos Masonry in Waco, Texas, Zach Everett. Zach served as the …

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Cleaning Solvent and Chemical Safety

Words: MASONRY Magazine  Photos: krblokhin Chemicals are used in our everyday lives without thinking about all the dangers that we could subject ourselves to, from the products we use on our skin and faces to cleaning products and solvents used at home and even on a jobsite. Safety is and should always be taken seriously while on …

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Small Project, Invaluable Lesson

By: Corey Adams  A quick trip to the store, spend time with my wife and kids, and really slow down and enjoy life. My template for a typical Saturday was in place. What transpired was an eye-catching opportunity, and an essential life lesson in leadership, management, and success.  We had been looking for a new …

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Recap: Masonry’s 2019 Championships

Words: MASONRY Magazine, SPEC MIX Photos: Bruce Starrenburg, SPEC MIX, MASONRY Magazine  Every year, thousands of spectators both in-person and online tune in for the action at the World of Concrete Bronze Lot. Referred to as MASONRY MADNESS® Day, the events put the skilled trade of masonry on display. The toughest, fastest, and most detail-oriented contestants are brought together …

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