Author: Dan Kamys

Marvelous Masonry Turkey

Last issue we visited Iraq. This time we’ll travel west to Turkey, a country created in the aftermath of World War I. Steeped in history from ancient cultures through the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has a wealth of historic sites. It should be no surprise that nearly all of Turkey’s historic sites are based upon masonry construction. As a little history, modern Turkey came into existence in 1923 and ended over 600 years of being part of the Ottoman Empire. The map below shows the various locations we’ll visit in this article. Figure 1 – Map of Turkey with sites...

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MCAA Gateway: February 2017

Access Every MCAA Webinar In 2017 For Free The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is proud to an- nounce the 2017 Live Webinar Season will feature over fty free webinars to all attendees. The 2017 season will kick off on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM CST with Getting Your Team Fully Onboard with Company Goals. Additional topics will include effective communication, building information modeling, and much more. Nearly every webinar will be offered at no charge to both MCAA members and non-members. A limited number of premium webinars will still be offered at a discount to MCAA members. Visit to view a list of upcoming webinars for 2017 and register for free. MCAA Live Webinar Series  February 22 Getting Your Team Fully Onboard with Company Goals March 8 Highlights of Effective Team Communication March 15 Attracting & Keeping Good People March 22 City Use Tax April 5 Effective Communication and the 4 Styles April 26 How Contractors Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits & Save Thousands in Taxes May 17 Motivating & Leading Generations in the Workplace May 24 Succession Planning and Leadership Development. June 7 High Payoff Activities & Performance Discussions June 28 Managing Interruptions: Electronic Messages & Others August 30 Alignment of Vision, Strategy, and People. 2017 MCAA Member-Get-A-Member Program As a member of the MCAA, you know the value of belonging to the...

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Masonry Planning Policies Secure Wall Share In Texas

Imagine if you placed a bid on a large commercial job and received confirmation that you were the winning bidder and got the job. Now imagine if the General Contractor contacted you and said that the scope of masonry had suddenly tripled and they needed you to adjust your bid accordingly because you were still getting the job. How could that ever happen you may ask? In this case the architect turned the final plans into the local city planners and was informed that all commercial projects were required to have 80% of exterior walls constructed of masonry, not...

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Spanish Translation: Por Que Las Licitaciones Por Concurso Afectan La Industria De La Mampostería

Las licitaciones por concurso son una práctica poco ética que se define como “el método que los contratistas usan para asegurar que las ofertas de los subcontratistas sean mas bajas que las de la propuesta inicial”. Las licitaciones típicamente se dan de tres formas diferentes: antes de que el contrato sea otorgado (pre-licitación), después de que el contrato es otorgado (post-licitación) y licitación vía subasta electrónica variable. Sin importar la etapa del proceso en el que esta ocurre, se involucra a un contratista revelando los precios entre subcontratistas con el objetivo de obtener una mejor oferta. Esto permite al...

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Why Bid Shopping Hurts The Masonry Industry

Bid shopping is an unethical practice that is defined as “the methods that contractors use to secure subcontractor bids that are lower than those noted in the bid that was originally submitted.” Bid shopping typically occurs in one of three distinct ways: before the contract is awarded (pre-award bid shopping), after the contract is awarded (post-award bid shopping), and bidding via an electronic reverse auction. Regardless of which stage in the process bid shopping occurs, it involves a contractor disclosing one subcontractor’s price to another subcontractor as a method of obtaining a lower bid. This enables the contractor to gain a significant...

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