August 2008: Making the Grade


August 2008

Making the Grade

Masonry: It’s a Good Thing

Some people are lucky. They happen to love what they do for a living, and not everyone can say that.

Matthew Redden is one of the lucky. “Both my Dad and my instructor wanted me to do something I liked,” says Redden. “I guess it’s a good thing I like masonry.”

“Matt started out with great work habits and a great attitude,” says Edwin Radford, Redden’s instructor at the Academy of Careers and Technology in Beckley, W.V. “He was focused on doing his own good work while assisting his fellow students. He was a pleasure to teach and work with.”

Matthew Redden

Redden is currently employed by Premier Masonry, LLC. He is serving his masonry apprenticeship with three other students from Radford’s technical training program.

Redden graduated from Shady Spring High School in Beaver, W.V. While a student there, he participated in football, wrestling, track, 4-H and FFA. He made the All-State football team as an honorable mention linebacker, and as a wrestler, Redden placed first in the state.

Matthew Redden

Redden represented West Virginia in the national masonry contest held at Bartle Hall in Kansas City in June 2007.

As time permits, he enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his four-wheeler and rafting.

“Matt is a fine young man and an excellent mason,” says Radford. “I’m sure he will have a job in our local area as long as he wants one.”




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