September 2016 Table of Contents

Flashing and Drainage
Installing Flashing in Non-Standard Conditions

Case Study
Entrance to Luxury New York Condo Embellished With Custom Terra Cotta Rainscreen System

Connectors, Anchors and Fasteners
Selecting Anchors and Connectors for High-Wind Areas

Q&A: Brick Veneer Anchors

Case Study
Resupporting Old Structural Masonry

Safety on the Jobsite
Jobsite Safety Inspections

Common Myths About Active Fall Protection

Special Feature
Women in Masonry: Building on a Strong Foundation

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August 2016 Table of Contents

Air Barriers and Insulation
The Importance of Air Barriers

Air, Vapor, and Water-Resistive Barriers:
Important considerations for material selection
and code compliance

An Interview With Russ Snow, 2016 President of the Air Barrier Association of America

Mixers, Pumps and Delivery Systems
Masonry Grout Pumps and Delivery Systems: Material Valve Designs

Moisture Management
Differences Between Rainscreen Walls and Cavity Walls

Case Study
Drainage and Air Circulation Help Prolong the Life and Look of Austin Apartment Complex

Managing Moisture in Masonry Wall Assemblies

Case Study
Benefits of Silane-Siloxane Sealer for Older Brick Buildings

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July 2016 Table of Contents

Mast Climbers
Implementing a Fall Protection System

The #1 Rule to Getting More Done
Working at Height

Mortars, Mixtures and Staining
Optimizing Mortar Formulations for Maximum Performance

What You Need to Know Now About Masonry Staining

Masonry Staining: A Great Option for Masons and Contractors

Case Study
Honoring a Fallen Officer:
Masonry Installation and Care Products Become Part of a Permanent Memorial

Workforce Development
How to Make Your Workforce Great Again

Developing Mason Tenders Through the LIUNA Training and Education Fund

An Interview With Macy Williams

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June 2016 Table of Contents

Cleaning Equipment
Off the Wall — As in Masonry Cleaning!

Case Study
Historic Downtown Kansas City Landmark Restored, Repurposed

Manufactured Stone
Cast Stone: A Quality Masonry Product Simulating Natural Stone

The Advantages of Manufactured Calcium Silicate Building Stone

Case Studies
Cast Stone and BIM — A Match Made in Louisiana
A Blend of Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone Veneer
Brings Out an Iconic Architectural Masterpiece

Technology in Masonry
Technology for the Jobsite: Finding the Right Tools to Serve a Dynamic Project Team

Using CO2 in Masonry: An Opportunity to Make Every Block Count

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May 2016 Table of Contents

Jobsite Tools
Safety by Design
Safety, ergonomics and industry standards are instrumental in the design and use of jobsite tools.

Codes and Standards

Leaky Walls in Brick Buildings
Drainage system requirements

Building Code Anxiety?
Five rules of building codes and standards every mason contractor should know

Flashing and Drainage

Water in the Walls
A practical guide to wall drainage and flashing installation

Moisture Protection: Which Products Make the Cut?

Updating Brick Veneer Ventilation for Modern Construction

Special Feature

MIA+BSI, The Natural Stone Institute Begins Its Joint Venture

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April 2016 Table of Contents

Perspectives on Renting Equipment
Masonry Magazine gathered three perspectives on when and why to rent.

Connectors, Anchors and Fasteners
An Introduction to Embedded Fasteners in Masonry
The first step to a successful connection is understanding the embedded fastening options along with their advantages, limitations and challenges.

Barrel-Style Versus Plate-Style Brick Veneer Anchors
Air barrier performance and maximum thermal efficiency boil down to the finest details — right down to the screws and anchors that hold the building envelope together.

Case Study: Anchors
Cintec’s patented anchors aided in the restoration of 12-century Astley Castle.

LEED™ Essentials for Mason Contractors
Three general areas of the new LEED v4 system typically have a direct impact on the mason contractor.…

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March 2016 Table of Contents

Saws and Saw Blades
Masonry reviews the latest in the world of saws and saw blades for masons. Products from various manufacturers are showcased.

Rehabs and Restorations Case Studies:

Scaffolding Safety
Mast Climber Accident Analysis
Looking back on 25 years of mast climber accidents,
10 critical safety factors emerge.

Fighting the Effects of Fatigue When Working at Height
Personal fall protection equipment needs to be lightweight and comfortable, easy to adjust and easy to attach to multiple anchor points.…

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February 2016 Table of Contents

Air Barriers and Insulation
Russell Snow explains protecting buildings from unwanted air and moisture infiltration.

Education and Workforce Development:
Masonry Industry Workforce Development Efforts
Updates on the workforce development efforts from seven associations and organizations

Aiming High in Texas
The Texas Masonry Council and the University of Texas at Arlington are addressing a masonry worker shortage.

Building History
The Mary Institute and Country Day School links science and technology with tradition through masonry.

Pump Maintenance
Maintaining and keeping your pump clean and in running order can protect your investment.…

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