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April 2014 Table of Contents

Masonry Madness
A look at the January events that determined the worlds best of the best in masonry

Scaffolding industry veteran Justin Breithaupt discusses

Anchors, Connectors and Fasteners
Examining the most recent addition of the Building Code Requirements and Specifications for Masonry Structures

Rehabs and Restorations

– TEC helps to revive Detroits Cobo Convention Center
– Spider provides a suspended access solution for masonry restoration work on Seattles The Josephinum.
– CINTEC assists in the repair of First Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Connecticut

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March 2014 Table of Contents

Saw Blades: Making the Cut
A detailed review of many of the industrys newest saw blades available to masons

What we can learn from concrete: The durability and longevity of a structure directly impacts the environmental footprint that structure creates.

Can a Mortar Mixing Pump Be Low Maintenance?
For the mason contractor looking for a simpler solution to mixing and delivery of mortar, m-tec offers an answer.

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February 2014 Table of Contents


Case Study: Lightweight Block,
Heavyweight Benefits

At the Maryland Science Center, lightweight concrete masonry units paid for themselves by saving masons half the labor.

Fire Safety Through Brick
It just makes sense to protect your most valuable assets with the fire resistance and durability of brick.

Case Study: University of Oklahomas
Headington Hall

The culmination of five years of planning, design and construction of a residential hall for the University of Oklahoma

Spotlight on Safety
An interview with Corporate Safety Director Zach Everett sheds light on why safety matters.

BIM-M: A Work in Progress
David Biggs, P.E., S.E., provides an update on Building Information Modeling Masonry (BIM-M), two years into the process.

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January 2014 Table of Contents

Online Education
The MCAA reports on the many online educational options for masons who want to continue their education and/or become a Certified Mason Contractor.

Education for Masons
A meeting of the minds spreads education for masons as we learn firsthand from Mortar Nets Steve Fechino.

A Crash Course in Air Barriers
The Air Barrier Association of America breaks down all of the basics about air barriers.

Mast Climbers
Innovation and growth continue for Hydro-Mobile with new products and initiatives.

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November 2013 Table of Comtents

Air Barriers and Insulation
Ģ Improving Building Insulation: Masonry consults Dr. Maria Spinu, Ph.d., LEED AP

Ģ Priming Self-Adhered Air Barrier Membranes: taking a closer look at the claim No Primer Required

Natural Stone
Ģ Accessorizing With Stone: Case studies highlight the use of natural stone obtained from various stone quarries, located in the Rh?ne-Alpes area of France.

Green Building
Ģ Product Benchmarking for Greener Buildings: By creating an opportunity for verified, accurate product comparisons, LCAs and EPDs are the next requirement for truly sustainable buildings.

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July 2013 Table of Contents

Mortars, Mixtures & Staining
Learn firsthand from others experiences as we break down mortars, mixtures and staining via case studies.

When should you rent, and when should you buy? An expert sheds light on this often-confusing decision.

Moisture Management
Moisture management can be accomplished through a Three-Part Rule.

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June 2013 Table of Contents

MCAA Legislative Conference
Members of the MCAA converged on Washington, D.C., to let their voices on industry issues be heard.

Flashing and Drainage
Managing Quality on Your Projects: the importance of finding your guy

Codes and Standards
It is important that all construction professionals understand the appropriate applications of codes, standards and reports.

Case Studies: Four accounts of what it takes to build a first-class masonry cleaning operation

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May 2013 Table of Contents

Saws for Masons
No matter the task or function in question, the masonry saws industry has researched and developed the perfect saw for the job.

Anchoring Stone Veneers
When using stone as a veneer, engineering and design are critical factors in a successful building project.

Building Information Modeling-Masonry
A look at the BIM-M Roadmap, which will guide the initiative on a multi-year, multi-project venture

Rehabs/Restorations Case Studies
Three examples of masonry project rehabs and restorations highlight challenges and how they were met.
Ģ University of Marylands Shoemaker Hall

Ģ Alcatraz

Ģ Tobacco Row, Lancaster Pa.

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October 2012 Table of Contents

Permeable Paving
Masonry examines why municipalities are passing ordinances that mandate permeable paving in new construction.

Saws and Saw Blades
The Brick Breakthrough: Veneer has expanded business for the mason contractor.

Hardscaping Case Studies
Many materials are available to masons for todays thriving hardscaping business. Learn from others hardscaping project experiences.

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