July 2016 Table of Contents

Table of Contents July 2016 Volume 55, Number 7 FEATURES Mast Climbers Implementing a Fall Protection System The #1 Rule to Getting More Done Working at Height Mortars, Mixtures and Staining Optimizing Mortar Formulations for Maximum Performance What You Need to Know Now About Masonry Staining Masonry Staining: A Great Option for Masons and Contractors…

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June 2016 Table of Contents

Cleaning Equipment
Off the Wall — As in Masonry Cleaning!

Case Study
Historic Downtown Kansas City Landmark Restored, Repurposed

Manufactured Stone
Cast Stone: A Quality Masonry Product Simulating Natural Stone

The Advantages of Manufactured Calcium Silicate Building Stone

Case Studies
Cast Stone and BIM — A Match Made in Louisiana
A Blend of Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone Veneer
Brings Out an Iconic Architectural Masterpiece

Technology in Masonry
Technology for the Jobsite: Finding the Right Tools to Serve a Dynamic Project Team

Using CO2 in Masonry: An Opportunity to Make Every Block Count

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May 2016 Table of Contents

Jobsite Tools
Safety by Design
Safety, ergonomics and industry standards are instrumental in the design and use of jobsite tools.

Codes and Standards

Leaky Walls in Brick Buildings
Drainage system requirements

Building Code Anxiety?
Five rules of building codes and standards every mason contractor should know

Flashing and Drainage

Water in the Walls
A practical guide to wall drainage and flashing installation

Moisture Protection: Which Products Make the Cut?

Updating Brick Veneer Ventilation for Modern Construction

Special Feature

MIA+BSI, The Natural Stone Institute Begins Its Joint Venture

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February 2016 Table of Contents

Air Barriers and Insulation
Russell Snow explains protecting buildings from unwanted air and moisture infiltration.

Education and Workforce Development:
Masonry Industry Workforce Development Efforts
Updates on the workforce development efforts from seven associations and organizations

Aiming High in Texas
The Texas Masonry Council and the University of Texas at Arlington are addressing a masonry worker shortage.

Building History
The Mary Institute and Country Day School links science and technology with tradition through masonry.

Pump Maintenance
Maintaining and keeping your pump clean and in running order can protect your investment.…

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January 2016 Table of Contents

Brick and Block
Size Matters: Cost-Efficient Masonry Walls
Brick size is another important factor when considering the total cost of masonry walls.

Remixing Modern Masonry With Watershed Block
Watershed Block is designed be durable, energy efficient, locally produced and possess modern aesthetics, with one-third less cement than traditional concrete masonry.

Digital Design With Brick
MIT architecture professor Sheila Kennedy respects history while advancing state-of-the-art masonry.

Mast Climbers, Cranes and Telehandlers
Mason contractor and longtime Ahern Rentals customer, Calvin Brodie, has repeatedly relied on Xtreme telehandlers. Here’s why.

Software and BIM-M
Contractors Can Implement BIM in Masonry
Building Information Modeling can be implemented into masonry and add value for the mason contractor.

A Comprehensive Update on BIM-M
A newly developed guide can help mason contractors negotiate the world of BIM.…

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December 2015 Table of Contents

Table of Contents December 2015 Volume 54, Number 12 FEATURES Chimneys General Shale offers a masonry chimney checklist for weather resistance. Building Wraps and Insulation A systematic approach to wall assemblies and code requirements Scaffolding Tight-squeeze jobs are no longer a problem, thanks to the latest innovations in scaffolding. COLUMNS & DEPARTMENTS From The Editor…

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S26 HEPA Dust Extractor From Pullman Ermator

Ermator HEPA Dust Extractors are equipped with tested and certified HEPA filters that trap the smallest, most dangerous-to-breath dust particles and prevents them from being released in the air. A HEPA Dust Extractor not only exhausts perfectly clean air, it is far more efficient for the fast recovery of bulk dry dust, debris and other building materials found on every Construction, Abatement and Restoration job site.

Drilling and Chiseling Hammer Demonstration | CS Unitec

CS Unitec Drilling and Chiseling Hammer type 2 2414 0010 demonstration. For more information on the tools, drills and other products seen in this video, please visit:

PumpMaster | Masonry Grout Pump for Core Filling | Block Fill | Masonry Wall Grouting

The AIRPLACO PumpMaster PG-30 is shown on a jobsite in Nashville, TN with Masonry Contractor WASCO, Inc. ...