April 2009: Making the Grade


April 2009

Making the Grade

The Williamson Legacy Continues

Every year, the masonry program at The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades, led by veteran instructor, Dan Hiltebeitel, produces a graduating class of excellent apprentice masons. And, each year, an exception mason always shines.

Last year was no exception. Keith McEneaney is the exceptional graduate from the class of 2008.

McEneaney enrolled at Williamson following graduation from a small, Christian high school (12 students per grade) where he was a three-sport athlete each of four years. Typical of most Williamson students, McEneaney was active in many activities beyond academics and masonry. He participated for a season of basketball and wrestling, and three seasons of soccer.

Hiltebeitel says of McEneaney, “Keith consistently demonstrated the core values of faith, integrity, service, excellence and diligence.  He was selected as the honoree of the award recognizing the student who best exemplifies Williamson values.”

During his three years at The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades, McEneaney earned the John Sabia award for speed and accuracy in masonry. During his junior year, he received the academic award for junior achievement. As a senior, he was inducted into the I.V. Club as a leader of the senior class.

Making the Grade
Keith McEneaney has an instilled love of masonry.

Following graduation, McEneaney participated in the national masonry contest held in conjunction with the 44th Annual SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo. He placed third in the post secondary division.

As expected, McEneaney is appreciative of his parents and his instructor. “My parents pushed me to succeed,” he says. “My instructor influenced my interest in masonry and instilled in me a love for masonry. I know that in Mr. Hiltebeitel I have a positive mentor and friend.”

Following graduation from Willamson, McEneaney took full-time employment with Mike L. Pilone Masonry Contractor Inc.

Owner Mike Pilone says of McEneaney, “I was introduced to Keith during his freshman year and requested him for our co-op program. During their senior year in the Williamson program, their students have an opportunity to work with us three days a week for six weeks. They work with us as full-time employees. It’s a good experience for the students, because they have the opportunity to implement what they learn in the classroom.

“Keith is a good kid and a great mason,” Pilone continues. “He picks it up fast. I call him ‘old school.’ He’s very polite, and he is always the first person on the job in the morning. I have to tell him to go home at night.”

It’s not surprising that Pilone keeps track of masonry students at The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades. Pilone was a 1974 graduate of Williamson. And, his boss at his first job was also a Williamson graduate. The Williamson legacy continues.

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