April 2011 Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Rehabs and Restorations
Learn from others’ experiences through detailed masonry case studies:
Restoring a Fountain of Leadership
Fixin’ up the Ritz
Saving Miss Emily

Planks and Decking
Scaffold plank price-buyers: beware of the loophole

The obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of elevated scaffolding

Lafarge Quarry Tour
Lafarge’s Cumming, Ga., rock quarry and Aggregate Laboratory


For the Record
President’s Message
Government Affairs
Making the Grade
New Products
Full Contact Project Management
Business Building
Classified Advertising

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    The thing about blades is that they can always be a little sharper. That’s a maxim the masonry blade industry has taken to heart as it continues to innovate, making blades more versatile, more durable and less expensive to produce.
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    Before a brick or block wall can go up, the basics have to be considered. Safety precautions are paramount, and that ranges from a properly fitting hard hat to the condition and strength of the planks you are using on your scaffolding.
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    When buying something new, you expect (insert your shiny new toy here) to work, and to be in fantastic condition and ready to handle the job it was intended to do. You’ve done the research, examined the features and found the best deal. Now, it’s yours.
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    Scaffolding: Staying Afloat in 2010 Modern scaffolding gives a powerful competitive advantage. An Evolution in Air Barriers Developing technology in modern construction paves the way for the use of fluid-applied air barriers. Rehabs and Restorations Learn from the experiences of others through case studies outlining rehab and restoration work.
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    The jobsite can seem like an endless opportunity for accidents, injuries and ‚Äě yes ‚Äě dreaded OSHA fines. Fortunately, when armed with the correct information, you have control over this situation.
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