April 2008 Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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New Saws for Changing Needs
Masonry saws are among the most essential and often-used tools in a mason contractor’s arsenal. Although the basic design of masonry saws and handhelds has not changed much over the years, manufacturers continue to innovate in many ways. Masonry looks at the newest products and technologies.

Brick: Bold and Beautiful
Not only are bricks durable, attractive, easy to maintain and cost effective, brick masonry is one of the most artistic materials in the construction industry. Masonry will talk with industry leaders and key associations regarding the importance of brick to the growing and changing world of masonry, as well as new techniques, methods and developments available.

Know Your Costs:
A case study examining the creation of Tradesmen’s Software

Masonry presents a case study exploring the development of Tradesmen’s Software. Learn from the creator’s experiences as we describe what it takes to overcome technical and marketing barriers and move a product to market. The latest and greatest software and computer products will be highlighted as well.

For the Record
President’s Message
Making The Grade
New Products
Hardscape North America Awards
Business Building
Full Contact Project Management
Classified Advertising

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