April 2014: Business Building


April 2014

Business Building

Winning Coaches Call Winning Plays

Years ago the construction business was a lot simpler. All you had to do to be successful was bid it, build it and bill it. To grow your company, you just worked a little harder. To make more money, you just worked a little longer. To get some more work, you just bid a few more jobs. To keep your customers happy, you met them on the jobsite and worked things out. To get paid, you called and asked your customer when you could pick up a check. Simple!

After your first few years in business, it gets more complicated. As you get bigger, you get a few referrals, and your company grows. You have to hire a more people to help you get all the work done. You have several jobs going at the same time. Different customers have different demands, and they all want your full attention. You begin to struggle with all the everyday tasks of running a business, plus running all the jobs. Your job description changes from superintendent and project manager to bookkeeper, office manager, customer service, salesperson, estimator, bill collector, accountant, purchasing agent, and referee.

Think about what it takes to grow and maintain a successful construction business. What are the most important aspects to building a profitable company: doing the work right or managing the business? I’m sure you agree it takes both to be successful. Doing work to get jobs completed takes priority as phone calls, problems and challenges continually occur on the jobsite and need to be addressed. You’ve got to keep all of your crews working efficiently, or you’ll lose money. But to grow a business and make money takes more than getting the work done.

Football coaches need a playbook, coaches to train the players, and players to execute the plays. The head coach develops a strategy to win the game, stays off the field, and calls the plays. In order to improve and win the game of business, you must create a game plan and then identify what plays you want to call. I provide business coaching and help company owners who want to get their businesses to work for them. When owners call for help, they are overwhelmed and frustrated with so many challenges, problems and stresses, they can’t think straight and don’t know what to do. They have failed trying to fix everything themselves, all at once. The first thing they say is: “Help! What should I do first?”

  • We have a written and updated STRATEGIC BIZ-PLAN with a clear purpose, vision, mission, targets and goals.
  • We have a written and updated BIZ-DEVELOPMENT PLAN with sales and marketing systems, tracking, goals and action plans.
  • The company owner’s top priority is to GROW the business versus doing the work.
  • We have a strong MANAGEMENT TEAM and organizational structure with accountabilities and responsibilities clearly defined.
  • We hold regular management, project, and crew TEAM MEETINGS to review and track progress and results.
  • We have written and updated operational BIZ-SYSTEMS.
  • We KNOW OUR NUMBERS, achieve excellent profitability, track results and keep score.
  • Our company WORKS and delivers the expected results.

Are you the coach or player? Like in football, to be a winner in business you have to have all areas working efficiently and at the highest level. Surround yourself with the best management team possible. Winning teams are lead by coaches who identify their teams’ needs, hire assistant coaches who are the best at what they do, and recruit and train their players on how to implement excellence. The coach is the key. The coach doesn’t do the work.

Unlike successful football coaches, business owners often fail trying to try to run their companies by being the quarterback without a playbook or a strategy to get the results they want. When you try to run your business by the seat of your pants, your company will not be able to grow or ever make a profit.

What’s your decision? Get organized and gain control, or stay stressed out, overworked and underpaid. Now’s the time to start running your business like a professional coach with a playbook, great coaches and a winning strategy. For a copy of “BIZ-Builder Blueprint Worksheets,” email

George Hedley works with contractors to build profitable growing companies. He is a professional business coach, popular speaker and best-selling author of “Get Your Business To Work!” available online at To sign-up for his free e-newsletter, join his next webinar, be part of a BIZCOACH program, or get a $100 discount coupon for online classes at, email

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